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In the Netherlands it is hardly possible anymore outside special club days or selected areas. But abroad there are still plenty of places where you can leave the paved road by car. A beautiful trip on forest trails or farmlands, through the mountains or through the endless sand dunes of the Sahara. That demands a lot from your car and yourself. Off-road driving is not something you learn from a book; follow a course to maintain control in different situations.

Do you already have some more experience and do you want to go off-roading with your own car? Off-road includes all car products that protect your car and make driving easier. Because an adjustment to your differential is already necessary if you want to maintain sufficient grip. A snorkel to keep your bike dry in the event of a puddle that is a little too deep. An elevation set to easily go through coarser terrain. And of course also recovery tools if you get stuck in the loose sand. (Think Dakar)

It is important that you know the total weight of the car in advance, including driver and passengers. And can't you find a solution in our webshop? Please contact us by e-mail/telephone for personal advice

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